’10 29 June 石本藤雄展



June 29 /I went for Fujio Ishimoto exhibition held by Spiral Garden last Sunday.I participated in an opening.Therefore, it was the second.I expressed lipsalve without need to use without any interest, but this exhibition was a splendid.Not this exhibition itself, the history that he designed for the world may say that it is a fight than expresses it with design activity.It is the activity in foreign countries with only himself, anyway.In this regard, it is only desire of the mere respect for me who am salary collecting talking about anything at the present.When I expressed it honestly and thought about death of recent personal various places (the people who were taken care of particularly when I was youth), it was all I could pray God for a heart when I wanted to think that he will be well forever and play his own creative activity, and to meet him on next time from my heart.He is the person who is fierce next to Mr. Awatsuji for me.

株式会社筆屋コーポレーション 。gallery "Another Function" を運営しています。

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