’10 28 September

9月28日/昨晩は寒くて起きました。大変です。寒いです。このような季節の変わり方は、今までもあったと思いますが、あの暑さとの比較はありません。日曜日まで短パン生活であったのに、今朝出勤途中フード付きジャージパーカーをすっぽり頭から被っている人を見掛けました。最近インターネットの、ある一面を観て驚いております。兎に角、いろいろなモノが揃っているのには驚きました。凝り始めたテーマがあり、探してみるとネット上に出て来るは出て来るはその充実ぶりに驚いております。現在は画面と首っ引きでマスターしたいことがあり、一所懸命であります。皆様は、この話が何のことは分かりませんでしょうからここで止めます。昨日、デザインの修正が終わり、いよいよ制作に入る予定だったのですが、ここにきて他の問題発生です。これから是正しなければなりませんが、何とかなると良いのですが。このところ、仕事で朝帰りが続いています。日曜出勤も致しました。これからしばらく、絵描き作業が続くため俯き加減の生活になります。もっとダラダラした内容になると思いますので、しばらくblogはお休みでしょうか11月中旬まで。アクセス数を増やすために頑張りましたが、ここでしばらくお休みです。Another Function再開に向けてホームページ他のリニューアルを致す予定ですが、main pageの公開から始めますので、たまに覗いてみて下さい。ここら辺が玄界灘、ではなく限界だな。駄々文にお付き合い頂き、誠に有り難う存じます。
September 28 /It was cold and got up last night.It is serious.It is cold.I think that there was this kind of change in such a season so far, but there is not the comparison between like that heavy heat.Though I had the life of short pants until Sunday, I saw the person who put on a hooded jersey parka from a head completely for the attendance middle this morning.I am surprised to watch a certain one side of the Internet recently.Anyway, I was surprised to have various things.I have the theme that I have begun to devote myself to, I am surprised after an interval of the enhancement to come out on a net when I look for it.I want to master it and does its best to be a screen and constant reference now. I feel that all of you will not understand about my story that I tell you, I stop it right now.The revision of the design is over yesterday and was going to finally enter production, but it has other problem outbreak right now.We must correct it, but we should manage it from now on.As for us, a return continues in the morning without work being over recently.I did the attendance on last Sunday.In order that painter work continues for a while from now on, my life turns into condition that is apt to be sunk.My blog will be absent,because I think to become the contents loose more for a while,it might be until the middle of November.I did my best to increase the number of the access, but I am absent for a while from now on.We are going to do the renewal of the homepage for the Another Function reopening.Because it begins with the exhibition of the main page, please sometimes drop in.There is not this time in the Sea of Genkai, and it is a limit(Genkai means limit).Really thank you for associating in an asking for the impossible sentence.
You are well come,however sometimes it is too difficult to translate as for me, because of cheep.(An automatic interpreter name is Pikaichi-kun)
I am not Mr. Pikaichi, just a shoehorn. Bye Bye for a little while.

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