『Tarja Trygg & Maija Pellonpää Foss』展

Tatja&Maija Exhibitionのコピー


This project we hold the exhibition of two woman creators from Finland.The encounter with them was old, and unlike interchange with later Aalto University and Tama Art University, was the connection between personal researchers.I could meet them again in Helsinki and became the flow to this exhibition last year.
All fo them do not visit Japan for this exhibition, but the heterogeneous combination with the authority of the print textile and global solar-grapher and I who are concerned as a producer, and I hold an exhibition as our friendship. Tarja said that this year is Finland concluded friendship trade agreement with Japan just 100 years ago.
It’s mean the 100 years anniversary.I think that you can enjoy the exhibition of two Finnish creators at this opportunity.

Tatja&Maija Exhibition


株式会社筆屋コーポレーション 。gallery "Another Function" を運営しています。

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