’10/23/December/変な夢を見た/I had a peculiar dream something like…….

December 23 /It is some night.When I and my wife come over for some reason to Roppongi Hills, we will happen to meet the mysterious scene that a large quantity of shining egg breathes here there around as wide as we can see.We do not understand the reason, when we look over a head, the big spider crawls out and goes to the direction of the Mori Building Tower.While without our knowledge, I and my wife TRANSFORMED themselves into Spider-Man and a Spider-Woman.We two people who TRANSFORMED themselves have begun to kick about an egg county rebeared to an unearthly creature.However, a spider looks back and comes back so quickly.I asked Spider-Woman for the disposal of the egg county and fought against the spider enough.I confronts it fearlessly by a spider line rope of the pride as soon as I cried “Shah!!!!!!” , I coiled up the big big monster spider to the tower afterwards.It is forced to a hard fight my wife in egg counties when I look back.I call out to my sweet Spider-Woman “You are all right?” and participate in the war, the time we took the sticky materials, Take that, Take that, rolling and crushing.On the way, the interludes such as the famous designers or the national folk singers enter, finally my consciousness was confused.When I pay attention, it is the daybreak,”Oh it’s so bad, if I don’t make it early; my carriage will TRANSFORM itself to the pumpkin?” , Spider-Man suit of my wife gradually returns to home wear when I look up incidentally. “Heads up! ! !”; I woke up with a cold sweat as soon as I cried in a heart.In a vast  preconsciousness condition, yesterday’s activity revived in me. .”Transformation” / “Design of the Netherlands” which we appreciated in Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, “The Motohiko Kotani exhibition” of Mori Art Museum ran through my head.It was surely sort of one shocking day for me.Even another nature it is to call it will be, new evolution? The nature which it evolves as we know,but I don’t know, nobody knows for sure.It does not understand what metaphor it is, anyway I feel like having spoken the words called the metaphor in my car yesterday.Thus, TA・KA・HA・SHI Spider-Man was born.Even so, it was the bad exhibition on-parade of feeling yesterday. You who are wise, illuminations fade away in Roppongi Hills and even if the maman of the Louise Bourgeois is dead, please don’t be surprised.You understand that Tokyo Tower is safe like the photograph mentioned above.zoh … – … – … which is one week more this year.

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