January 11 /Today is a day when 1 is located in a line. The consecutive holidays of Coming-of-Age Day bring me momentary relaxation, when my body which became dull is tired because of the work start. I settle the work that I left undone in the beginning of the year at the end of the year somehow while taking a rest for these two days. The workplace, enters into the real end of the fiscal year system from tomorrow. It is strain.
The photograph mentioned above is the glass which it has broken by my carelessness hurriedly in the new year.It is the beer glass which my wife had by the campaign of the beer company at the end of the year.It was delicious beer.Probably I think that it is Austrian beer.The spilt water does not return to the tray, but the broken glass is not restored.However, I wonder if human relations are least restored.It was good to have been broken with a beer glass.Nothing is good at the carelessness.The book that I am reading approaches the end now.The name of people is confusing and the arrangement of the head doesn’t concentrate to this book because many heroes appear. I do not understand to be alive or not alive somehow when living with my fuzzy head in every day. I do not understand the situation recently whether it is cold or not when I think about reality. I have the book which wants to read only another two of them consecutively.Probably the two of them seem not to be able to think clearly, too.It does not understand whether I will be all right.I went to the Aoyama Book Center to buy a book, but seem to be out of stock the other day.I said that I will order for it in Amazon, and I left the shop.I think that “order is the same as others”.There is the recommendation of the secand hand book on the Internet and cannot deny the bargain feeling, moreover.I think that all of the bookstore are serious, but I say a provoking thing such as the article unconcernedly while thinking that I want them to do their best.It is reflection really.I think the shop that has treated only the specializing old book to be reliable like our totodo bookstore compared with the shop like that. Look at the Web site of the totodo bookstore by all means if you think it to be a lie. It thinks that it is splendid article arrangement.He found the rare photo magazine before.Because such a point is a go-getter, how about the book which is not found if you ask him.
上記掲載写真 の真ん中の枝が、今にもジャンプしそうな緑の神様の様で一枚撮りました。この木は、大きな豆から幹が出ている小さな鉢植えから始まりました。確か、鉢には「ジャックと豆の木」と書いてありました。当時、事務所にいたアシスタントに「君達が辞めるころには、きっと君たちの背よりも高く伸びてるよ」と申しました。実際は辞めた後に、彼女達の背を越えました。正月に『「これから10年は」このように生き抜け』という見出しの雑誌が、私の目に飛び込んできました。その雑誌を購入した後で、そんなに長くなんか生きていないぞと正気に返ったのですが、そのなかに面白い記述が幾つかありました。「消失の時代」と題された記事もそのひとつです。教育や文化や経済について論じた後で、「自分はいささかの悪人だという意識の消失こそ、日本人の魂を堕落させるのである。」と断じています。確かに私も「戦国時代でもあるまいに、殺されることも無いから心配するな」などと無責任に申しますが、平和には犠牲が付きものという観念が無いのだと思います。やたら正義漢を装う偽善も、現実を知らなければ本気ですから質が悪いということになります。平等ということに関しても、教育が平気で嘘を教えたと断罪します。確かに、夢ばかりでは現実は見えなくなります。アシスタントの話が飛んでしまったようですが、記事中に「職人の消失」という話もあり、最近は我慢して修行して職人になろうという若者が減ったとあったのです。私も我慢が足らずに4年で丁稚を辞めました。だから、いつまでも梲が上がらないのです。これからの10年間、果たして 生き抜けますでしょうか。心配です。
There seemed to be green God who jumped to the branch of the middle in the publication photograph mentioned above at any moment and I took a picture.This tree began with the small potted plant that a trunk appeared from a big bean.If it was sure that memory of mine, the bowl was written on “Jack And The Beanstalk”.I said to the assistant who was in my studio in those days, “Surely it will grow up higher than your height when you left here.”Actually, it went over their height after having left my studio.The magazine of the entry “Which I survived in this way from now on for ten years” jumped into my eyes in New Year holiday. After having purchased the magazine, it came to me sense that I did not live so for a long time, but there were some interesting descriptions in that.The article titled “the times of the disappearance” is the one of that, too.It concludes,”disappearance of the consciousness to be a the slightest bad person lets a Japanese soul corrupt as for oneself” after having discussed about education and culture and economy.I surely tell you “You must not be killed and not worry because no Warring States Period. ” irresponsibly, I think that I do not have an idea that sacrifice is an indispensable part to be peaceful. The hypocrisy to pretend to be a person with a strong sense of justice immoderately becomes have poor quality if it does not know reality because it is serious.When education taught a lie about being equal unconcernedly, this article does condemnation.The reality surely passes out of sight only in a dream.There seems to have been the story of the assistant, but there is the story called “the disappearance of the craftsman” during an article, too,Recently, it was written that the number of young people who aimed to become a workman through training with enduring decreased in the article. I resigned as an apprentice in four years without patience being worth.Therefore I cannot become magnificently forever.For ten years in the future, I wonder if I can survive as expected.I am scared.

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