’10 11 April

April 11 / Once upon a time,there was transportation to run in fossil fuel.It was called a locomotive and was called a car.I rode an internal combustion engine to operate in fossil fuel called the car, a metal lump called the engine and moved far and wide.The fossil fuel which moved this engine was called gasoline.Even if there were much a certain oil that is liquid fossils, and the produced area did not labor under the gasoline in substance, it was lived wealthily like a utopia.This oil was used for then various production activity to be industrial very much and brought about new energy called the electricity by heat.This electricity resembled money.It changed itself into anything.Warm it; cool it; move it; light it up; transmit a message.This; transmitted a message, but made the next era.So-called, it was called information.The presence of the thing faded afterwards.The record was reduced the weight of, and it has completely become outdated to have carved with a monument to a stone.Just disappear in the split-new snowy field leaving a footprint.It is sentiment against my head instantly this morning.

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