’12/17/Feb./改めます。/What a terrible English writings it is! I’m so shame.

February 17 /I have continued Diary somehow until now, but there are the automatic translations that I have not made sure at all. I am so shame now.Thus I want to considerably work hard.Primarily I thought that I have better to come across an English teacher correct my English sentence.I think that I want to learn it from the teacher English is a native language.Probably it seems to do a whole sentence rescript rather than correction.The person who is not stern says that you should write it so that you talk, but first of all I have to study.The English translation is cancellation till then.I feel that it is necessary to write a pen once about the automatic translation.I understand that I have to speak in English conversation with not own way. It is like the same way of writing. I need the reliable command of English.It will take a long time, but at first I have to begin finding a teacher of the correction.Concerning………, at last I am start for the summary of the overseas stay.I will carry traveler’s diary in a photograph publication and a sentence immediately from now on if I notice.I am going on for the report presentation to the workplace.
By the way, finally Wataru Yamamoto exhibition will start on 20th Feb.The stamp rally of 6 neighborhood galleries is carried out, also.Because there is the premium(original prints), please visit my gallery.

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