’12/9/Mar./春ですね。It is the spring when you want to put on airs a little.

March 9 /It is a season of the good bye and welcome party.It is a going person, a forthcoming person, thought complicated each.Feeling of a new encounte, parting a sentiment unwillingly.These mingle, and the feelings are complicated.Blue and red.These are colors with the conflicting psychology effect, too.It is adjoining, and halation may be caused.But without being over in the vision that one’s brain watches it practically.The brain does really mysterious reaction even if it takes up color recognition.My simple brain becomes complicated in the spring when parting and encounter come at the same time.A strange event to happen in spring flowers being in all their glory, because there may be a problem in the light and shade element that this is represented by some pass and a fail.It spoke well with the youth(to be Japanese is blue spring) , therefore there is the hope, but refers to a some unstable time.This is not to have confined age.For me who want to always do youth, the instability is the medicine of the best becoming younger life.

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’09 February 25
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