’12/16/Mar./始動開始。When everybody flaps the wings for their own new things.


March 16 /It carries only a chair immoderately recently.As for the monument of the publication photograph mentioned above, the entrance of the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, the wooden one is the garden of the music school in Weimar.I put a bag in the step of the chair in order that I would like to image the scale.The bag is around A3 size.I was assent why it is a chair because most of the Design Centers are interior showrooms, but do not understand a music school a little bit.I did the coloring of the art object of the chair was produced for the samples of the coupling and the combined part  by a furniture modeler’s request about over 15 years ago.I remembered a thing at that time.By the way,it believes that impression of the work is no relation with the size.It feels that those impressions are equivalence when it compares a chair for small samples which I did coloring with these big art objects.The surprise is different in even the same shape with size.On the other hand, the real thing such as the bonsais which suggest size even if small which is not quite big.There is an impression simply because it is small.It considers the human sense to be a mysterious thing utterly whether it is a caloric issue.In spring,the way to walk is different and is seen in each with a person flying away to the new world, a person who already prepare to challenge it next time.It is merely a superficial matter.The person of preparations may feel that it is delayed, but you can expect the next leap by being devoted every day.I believe that spring is the season when all people advance with hope.Spring has come when I heard that birds were singing.

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