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June 12/We had a subcommittee of the entertainment of the international exchange yesterday in a workplace. It was realized a difference of the overseas culture utterly. I felt the difference of the custom that came from a difference and the climate of religion and the social morality and a difference of the historical recognition of mutual intervals with the country so that I thought. But it goes to the same aim on the same horizon called the art and should advance whether we are got over each other. It is a splendid experience just to be able to recognize a difference as a difference for us.  I have time to feel a difference between areas, even though it is domestic areas. However, there are many cases that may say when it is a difference of the each person rather than a local difference. There may be a place unlike a difference with the foreign country.

I decided to receive the home visiting of the foreign student at our home from this year. Because there is not a child, in my home, it is in the gathering place of the people who are not my child. It is the visitor from the foreign countries, and a student of the workplace or the family are main visitors. Cooking and the party are pleasant for me, but clearing is difficult.I am absorbed in a talk, and a party becomes just more than in the middle of the night and clearing. Thus, I will work as a dish-washer.I will still gather lured by pleasure every time. It must be happy very much just for me. Anyway the first home visiting of the foreign student is the middle of July. I will report it later.

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