最近の夢/Not a nightmare.



March 5 /The proofreading of the notes which did not quite advance has begun to run little by little.Anyway, I can concentrate on wanting to attack if this is over.The human health is complicated, and other organs seem to perform function even if one body part causes imperfection.Our own body is surely one, but is mysterious in this sense when I think that a large number of cells can support ourselves as biology.There is a cell to draw the thought except it with even if I devote myself to this work.I thought the biological diversity to be the history of the differentiation of the kind, but would get various functions in the process.At the moment, as for the determination of this human will, will reason and instinct and which have right of decision for human being?I think the reason to be a strange being. Even if reason wants you to overcome it (because it may be said that our human being survived in the reason.), but the physiological desire is not settled only with the reason. I want to say that if you would like to go to the restroom for an errand, for sure you might say,  “nature calls me”. A robot is a convenient human substitute, but, as for this power, the electricity of the N pole S pole is common. As for the power of the animal, eating plant is basic, and after that eating meat appeared, but the human being may have strong will when it increases the desire called the delusion or a sort of fantasy.The robot works under human control fruitfully, but the purpose including a soldier robot and the medical robot reflects human society, and the usefulness is not same.The robot playing music does not have a sentiment function.The people will let a robot play it for what.I think that it is the precise music box which exchanged a figure with essentially.It is complicated, but the production will be possible by the robotics.It is the robot that the sentiment function never has, but it thinks miserably that have a shape that suggested a human being. A robot to play in the light of the evening sun. It may think about nothing, but I have nurse delusions when I image about just what it thinks.This delusion does not readily let my manuscript writing advance.You say worldly desires to a share, but this is a troublesome for human being.I seem to say that you devote yourself to something and become the mental state of the self-oblivion with a state of perfect spiritual concentration when I regard unity of the mind and the body as for the Oriental philosophy. The manuscript which does not readily advance. I would love to became the ground absorbed in manuscript writing.Mmm, I’m just dreaming in a delusion now.

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