’11/10/June/中弛みはトロ味/Middle slack is fatty tuna taste.

June 9 /I had a slight fatigue a little and took a nap.It is in the office of the afternoon when there is nobody unexpectedly.The scene that my wife returned to the office watched seems to have lacked for snoring in the room which Sibelius went by calmly.I and the staff examine the handling of design doing not seem to be in time from now on.I who become serious took a nap for some reason.I heard from somebody that a graduate participated actively when I was in Aoyama at noon.It is a person with the certain atmosphere that it is interested in considerably for some time, but guesses it to succeed when the experience in London was big.I think that this kind of people are considerably accepted in the place where a stage drama and opera are staged frequently.I do not like the expression only for atmospheres, but the right stuff in the right place is the person who prays when it wants you to try it hard because there is it.By the way, a fret and fatigue and strain let me make it weary.This tiredness is a pleasant feeling of the one kind or another.The nap was already over.I want to expect my own effort for these three days.

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