’11/9/June/美味しいは嚼みたい/”yummy” means wanting to masticate

June 9 /It was a busy day yesterday.It is rainy in the morning, clear early in the afternoon, the evening is cloudy.It was some meaning, luxurious day.I recooked the dish that I missed at the restaurant of the photograph mentioned above the other day.It was so so, but that a hsiang tsai and a source were the same was doubt, but faced the dish by the at a glance same decoration somehow.Since the earthquake disaster of this spring, we considerably live life that is slightly self-restraint.It attends at a wedding ceremony and it purchases a coupon and goes for a meal, but,meanwhile, the scenery of the stricken area appears in my head after a long absence.I was astonished to the photograph which the client who went around the stricken area took the other day.Seemingly when anything improves few scenery, the cars are plunging into the rice field.There was the ship on the roof.It was a very, very terrible scene.As for the scenery that there is not distress if we overlook it,The various problems that you can see if you look hard once become the heat capacity, finally it comes.It includes the problem of the atomic energy use, and it may be the problem that does not become disjointed from a head from now on.I think that the world of the art may help it by healing and a mental problem from now on.Because the exhibition reopens, this gallery want to think that we can help the stricken area.

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