’11/11/June/お菓子の街はホロ苦い/The city of the sweets is slightly bitter.




June 11 /In last month and March, I was in the town such as the cake.I was tempted into the sweet fragrance.It really feels bittersweetness when I go.It may think that it is the town which only a tourist feels so cute.An ancient rite is refined, and the Japanese tourist city claims to be “HANNARI”, but the story of the local citizen that fatty ramen likes is not known unexpectedly.When you take it for the town which seems to be a sweet and simple town freely, it is bittersweetness redoubling.It was just the taste of the town of the sweets.The prescription to this bittersweetness is to watch myself in the scenery which sometimes appears in the window.However, local friends were honest fantastically and gave only a pleasant feeling to me.I think that an inviolable rule of the overseas travel is that there is a local friend.A feeling of refusal of the town without the acquaintance is overwhelming and, with Winterreise in particular, is simply a single word of the loneliness other than shopping and a visit.I will be always the result of the traveling alone.This sense of isolation is good and will do a trip.On the other hand, the reason is because I can taste a feeling of opening fantastically.Every time every time that feels relieved.

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