’09 13 November


October 27 /I went for an anniversary memory exhibition for 101 years of Mihoya glass.Many designers gathered.Because there were many people who gathered, I dispersed hurriedly in wonder.Still, I am amazed to learn with 101 years.Mihoya glass became the splendid long-established store.The fourth generation has already attended.Mihoya will be secure in this for the time being.I thought that Mihoya glass did not forget a challenge forever.In addition, I thought that I wanted them to continue that it was the company which Mihoya glass was loved by a designer and an architect and could support a young creator.


October 28 /In a workplace, there was a meeting, and I attended.It is that I do not come to really think of my life recently that I think.I cannot yet do that I want to do it.As for it, my ideal is that a state half lasts the distance endlessly.I wonder if you manage it.I complained to the ward office the other day.I told considerably objectively, but they did not consider my will.I settle with them each other, and I think that it is socially honest to be moderate, but I want to say with this poller.I do not need to go to school for an art festival in the workplace for around one week from tomorrow.I devote myself to work.

10月29日/忙しい一日でした。午前中成田空港まで、今回GALAが支援して100%Design Tokyo CUBE展に参加する若手フィンランド 人デザイナーが作品を持参したので、迎えに行き、その足で展示会場に作品を運び展示。その後、OZONEで開催されるヘルシンキ芸術デザイン大学のガラス展のオープニングに参加して帰宅。疲労度が最高潮。

October 29 /It was busy one day.I went to Narita Airport to meet him in the morning because the young Finnish designer who participated in a 100%Design Tokyo CUBE exhibition brought a work.It is the youth whom I support through GALA this time.I just carried his work to the exhibition place directly and exhibited it.Afterwards,we participated in the opening of the glass exhibition of the Helsinki art design University held in OZONE . My fatigue degree is the climax.



October 30 /It was a visitor again today from Finland.We went for mountains and seas luxurious hearth firing called Hina Tori Yama close to the workplace, and we ate lunch.The workplace entered for the run-up of the art festival, and our visit has finished appearing unfortunately so as to have looked in some exhibitions of facilities and the student.Really gorgeous many kinds of delicacies stream down a waterway, and a cooking ingredient of the lunch comes over by a small ship.We baked it by a charcoal fire and ate while enjoying it while thinking that it was troublesome.We talked about overseas information and about the future and her being private.As for education in the future, will interchange with foreign countries become more important by reduction of declining birthrate and the economy?It was one day when I was able to be relaxed.

11月2日/本日は韓国からの お客さまでした。勤め先を案内致しました。丁度、芸術祭の初日で学生や来場者が多く賑わいある風景でした。図書館をご案内した折に、高名な写真家の展覧会BY ANZAIが開かれており、A.F.での展示風景写真がありビックリ致しました。鈴木亜弥さんの展覧会でした。その後、近くの居酒屋さんで会食がありましたが、お昼過ぎに事務所を出る直前、CUBE展に参加した若手デザイナーがCUBE AWARDの一等賞を獲得した知らせを受けました。本人が帰国した関係で、家人が授賞式に参加、挨拶までさせられたと電話報告を居酒屋で受けて苦笑致しました。

November 2 /It was a visitor from Korea today.We guided a workplace.
A lot of student and guests were just scenery of the turnout at the first day of the art festival.When we guided a library, exhibition BY ANZAI of a famous photographer was opened and there was an exhibition scenery photograph in A.F. and was surprised.It was an exhibition of Aya Suzuki.We ate at a bar nearby afterwards.It is time when I leave the office in the early afternoon just before that.The young designer who participated in a CUBE exhibition having got the CUBE AWARD first prize, I heard the news from the secretariat on the telephone.Because the person himself went back to his own country, my wife participated in an award ceremony.And I took a telephone report that she was made to give the words of thanks from her, and I smiled wryly.

11月 3日/100% Design Tokyoの搬出日でした。会場に伺うと、関係者からの労いの言葉があり、来年も宜しくとのことでした。しかし、今年の状況を見ると存続出来るかどうか、他の見本市もそうですが厳しい経済状況を反映して何処も大変な様子です。拙事務所も同じことであり、年間予算上現在の支援が出来無くなるかも知れません。一応、申し上げておきます。是非、友人知己をお誘い頂き、拙スペース(Another Function)に足を運んで頂ければ幸甚であります。

November 3 /It was export day of 100% Design Tokyo.When we went to the exhibit place, there were words of the appreciation from the person concerned, and it was to participate next year.However, we do not understand whether we can continue when we watch the situation of 100%Design Tokyo of this year.The other trade fairs are also, and they reflect severe economic conditions and are in the serious situation so that I think.My office is the same thing, too.We do not understand whether we can offer the present and the same support to the young artist by the relations of our annual budget.I express it first of all.All of you tempt a friend acquaintance by all means and are grateful if can come over to our space (Another Function).



November 5 /The work of Mr. Ikezaki was in the frame and came back.A picture of Prof. Ikezaki becomes the wonderful textile, and I look forward to an exhibition.By the way, it is often that we accomplish difficult work thanks to the various friendship and kindness.Even if we do not have it, our dissatisfaction to them is so bad.Besides we never say a bad-mouth to them.
When it carries out a volunteer, it is that it often occurs that mutual thought misses each other.It is still courtesy that the person concerned always contacts with a smile.It has way of speaking called “the height of folly” you take out money by oneself, and to save stress in own.However, the patience is the secret to keep mental youth for me.


11月8日/13年ぶりの再会となったロジャーとシルビア夫妻です。本日は、今は亡き銀座現代美術画廊オーナー中野さんのお墓に参りました。感慨深げな二人でした。実は、午前9時に中野さんの奥様、息子さんと待ち合わせたのですが、家人の連絡ミスで少し遅れて合流致しました。その後、近くにある中野さん宅で思い出話や現在の話など話題は尽きませんでした。 それにしても中野さん宅からの東京の眺めは相変わらず素晴らしかったです。是非、神宮外苑の花火の時などお誘い頂きたいと不謹慎にも思ってしまいました。明日夕方のパーティーへ参加をお約束して、我々夫婦は先に帰宅致しました。

November 8 /Since 1996, it is the reencounter with the Mr. and Mrs. Ackling that it became 13 years since the last.We made a visit to a grave of late Mr. Nakano who was the owner of the Ginza contemporary art art gallery today.
It was a  behavior of the Mr. and Mrs. Ackling which seemed to be deeply impressive.In fact, we promised the wait for Mrs. Nakano and her son at 9:00 a.m., but we were late a little by a communication error of my wife and joined them.The story did not run out by reminiscences and a current topic in Nakano’s house near the grave.Still, the view of Tokyo from Nakano’s house was splendid as before.I have thought that they invitate us to at the time of fireworks displays of the Jingu-gaien by all means in imprudence.I promised participation for a party in the evening of tomorrow with Mrs. Nakano, and we came home earlier.



11月9日/ロジャー・アックリング展のオープニングパーティーです。旧友が集まり、楽しい時間が過ぎていきました。ロジャーのサービス精神は人並みはずれており、最後まで飽きないパーティーでした。それにしてもこの23年間のお互いの生活の違いが現れたのは、彼の家をgoole mapで覗いたときでした。ノーフォークの嘗てのコテッジから内陸部に移った家は素晴らしく広い果樹園とお城のような家でした。もっともお城部分は友人のもので、その納屋と馬小屋を改装して住んでいるとのことでしたが、それでも素晴らしく広い場所でした。スコットランドのコテッジに至っては、飼っている羊が転々と白く映っておりました。奉仕する人間を間違えました(笑)。何度も家に来いというので、行ってやろうかと思っております(爆笑)。

November 9 /It is the opening party of the Roger Ackling exhibition.
Old friends gathered, and happy time passed.The service mind of Roger was splendid, and it was the party that wore well to the end.Still, when I looked his house in goole map, I thought that the difference of each other’s 23-year life appeared.The house which moved to the inland department from the old villa of Norfolk was the house which seemed to be a splendid, wide orchard and a castle.A castle part was a thing of the friends and they redecorated the shed and barn and lived, but it was a site still wide at all in fact.The sheep which they kept was white and looked points to his villa in Scotland that I looked at in Google map.We made a mistake in a human being to serve.
Because they say that they want to invite me to their house many times, I think whether I will perform it.


11月11日/月日の経つのは早いもので、このDiaryをしばらく書けませんでした。仕事が忙しく、来客や世話も多くストレスと疲労で大変な日々 でした。当然、写真もあまり撮れませんでした。それでも幾つかありますので、その説明で少し過去を辿って次回から勤勉に付けます。

November 11 /It was an early thing that the time passed and was not able to write this Diary for a while.I was busy, and it was the days when a lot of visitor and care were serious for stress and fatigue.Naturally the photograph did not come out very much, too.I trace some pasts by the explanation in there being some photographs which I took and can be still accompanied diligently from the next time.


11月13日/13日の金曜日ですが、キリスト教と関係ない私も何かあるのでしょうか。 本日で’09JAPAN TEXは終了です。昨日、川甚さんのブースを撮影して頂きました。その会場写真です。昨年は工場直送新鮮生地みたいな取り留めのない展示でしたが、今回はコーディネータも入れて空気を孕ませてみました。来年はチャンスがあれば私自身の構成で行きたいと野心的に思う次第です。2,5m以上のグラデーションは見事でありました。お疲れさまです。

November 13 /It is Friday of 13th today, but will there be Christian irrelevant me what it is?’09JAPAN TEX is the end day today.It is a exhibit place photograph of Kawajin which Tsuchida photographed yesterday.It was an exhibition without the vague such as the countryman full exposure last year, but let the coordinator could enter and fill with atmosphere in this time.I will think that myself want to constitute it if there is a chance for ambition next year.The gradation more than 2,5m was wonderful.Thank you.

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