711/7/July/真似は真に似て/It is really similar to “imitate really?”

July 6 /Can there be the thing that you wonder “what” looks “how be” as for an artist?I think the picture of Picasso to be one of them.While the realism of his youth is skillfulness as it is at a loss for words, the picture of later years is not ordinary.Technology to read an allegory developed in the Europe.An angel drawn on the picture, and the white lily which he gives.This seems to be reality, in fact, it is allegorical thing which is drawn as a symbol to tell the innocent Annunciation.The study to read this allegory, I think that it contributes to the development of psychology and the picture in the modern times.Study you replace with words once,I think that it got abstractness, and to interpret a picture and psychology called the allegory.On the other hand, An abstract picture developed that The Impressionists pursued a picture scientifically from a way of thinking “what is drawn” to in doing substitution of the context that “how it is drawn”.A concept, philosophical analysis are reflected in a picture by replacing it with words, the appreciation of the picture seems impossible in a true meaning if you don’t learn it anymore.Call itself a concept in the world of the design, it cannot advance next if you don’t persuade it by words what you convey than feeling it how.Is the learning really necessary for feeling it?It can see profundity of the culture when I think whether the culture for allegory interpretation is necessary, and my body as animal want the importance of it returns to the nature and feeling it.Seem to be separated from this intellectual thing distantly; want to treasure that feel it very much.At first feel it, doubt to be why analyzes a certain impression under my nose variously in the next step ,and if it is the culture to have to learn, I wish that I wanted to be sublimated to a human being only for really unenlightened sensitivity.Probably a strong impression charmed by an outsider picture feels like seeming to be it than the intellectual abstract picture.It is similar, but are quite different abstractness, which  is mimicry?Chase context, and, only in sensitivity, the quality of the impression is different.Myself who cannot be readily out of order is very halfdone while saying that I am unenlightened.

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