’11/3/July/その姿で現れない天使/The angel who does not appear with that figure.

July 4 /It is told that the angel never appears with the figure.It surely thinks that there is the arrival of the good fortune that it can never judge in the figure.It does not have such a thing practically whether an angel gives a white lily and really tells good news.Therefore, not an angel, there is a person bringing good luck, and it does not do the figure of the angel.It is a matter of course, when it is said that the angel never does the figure of the angel, it feels a wonder and it is thankful somewhat considers.In the planar expression, there are many styles to enjoy in what it assumes an air of reality and pictures an impossible thing in as if it were true realistically.There is a way of speaking,even if it is a completely impossible thing, the artist drawing it can see it like that.I think that some explanation is necessary.Not seeing it, a brain memorizes it by a matter of the memory affecting it when you looked.It is described by being tied to artistic expression, there is not the world where Fra Angelico drew on practically.All is the dream that the body function that is the mystery that a brain has displays to you.An angel never appearing with the figure, you should meet an angel as a lucky carrier carefully.My still feeling an angel close,because I may have a desire I take my ease, and I want to jump.To such a guy, it will not surely visit.

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