’09 1 September



September 1 /It was a heavy rain with typhoon yesterday, but it is fine weather today.Aya Suzuki came suddenly in the early afternoon.She brought the mango of the Okinawa called the Keats mango.Assistant W resigned from his job, and my office became bright with the visitor who was rare for the inconvenient position that supplement did not work for until October a little bit.Kanako Watanabe exhibition is just held in a gallery of TOTODO.She went to there.One work is going to end being similar late this evening.When it does not make it early, it is forgotten, and it is influence on other work so much.I wonder if it was not the invisible pressure which had a hard time with this work this time.It took too much time to assume a defiant attitude.To the deadline, it is the first to work with a thing appropriate for my syze.The tactics was too bad.In addition, it is reflection.I will see the visitor from the district next week and this week.I can leave my house for the workplace with a refreshing smile of the summer vacation if I get over the meeting for the time being.

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