’10 9 December

December 9 /There is a sightseeing traffic jam.It is a phenomenon it is preoccupied with sightseeing such as the accident of the opposite traffic lane, fireworks, the scenery on highways, and to happen to some extent if speed becomes slow.The study of the traffic jam advances, and it is proved that a traffic jam is caused with delicate balance of the speed.It may be said that this traffic jam is really mysterious.The photograph of the lower berth mentioned above is a state of the traffic jam of the occasion, but, in fact, Mt. Fuji is seen in the left side neatly.This traffic jam is accident sightseeing of the opposite traffic lane in fact.I take a convertible besides rain and the cloudy day and go to the workplace recently.A car air-conditioner did not function, and it was the cold that seemed to be wasted the other day.A lower part of the body is cold and sets up a hood roof indeed at night.It can taste elegance and joy superior to stiff-necked endurance, patience even if cold.Does it carry me on refreshed crisp like a Coca-Cola, doesn’t it?Oh billy-o,because of cold, don’t you?With an old catch copy, I’m sorry.On the day when it was fine of this winter, I go in open roof somehow.White Mt. Fuji is refined.In Mt. Fuji to watch from far away, refinement is innocent, and it is portliness, flowing elegant splendiferousness.The blue sky is combined, and a feeling of the transparence is holy.OK, shall we start our own works with each others.

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