’10 24 February



February 23 /I went to Aoyama to watch an exhibition of Miss Otake today.I was not able to meet her, but thought that she did her best.Because it was warm day, we waited for a bus at a bus stop for approximately 15 minutes and returning got on the 88th metropolitan bus and got off today in Azabudai.It was the 88th ride after a long absence.The number of the bus decreased by the opening to traffic of the subway, but remembered the time that we spent frequently a while ago.It was the those days, we went to Shibuya by bus commuting every morning from my house at Hatsudai and went from Shibuya to my office at Azabudai.It went on a rainy day, a snowy day, a cold day, a hot day.The return went from Azabudai to Shinjuku and stopped at the food sales floor of the Keio department store just before the closing a shop when therefore it transferred and came home by bus from Shinjuku to Hatsudai.It is a story before finding a job in the workplace.I was in a bus with Mr. Shuhei all the time while remembering such a thing.Mr. Shuhei seemed to have business in Azabujuban, and we parted at a bus stop.As for Otake, growth is remarkable.She challenged new work, and I thought that I wanted her to be active in art field continuously.Miss Otake, congratulations.The schedule of today made arrangements by a spiral from 11:00 and in an office at Nishiazabu of Mr. Kondo from 1:30, and it was view by an exhibition of Miss Otake with an Mr. Shuhei from 4:00.It is a good news of today.Passing for one year after Mr. Kondo gave up smoking.I knew it for the first time.The opportunity when I met him should have been frequent, but I did not pay attention.It does not stop the smoking of another person, but feels illegal that I had better think about health.But smoking and the ill causation are said not to be clear.

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