’09 8 September


September 8 /The class of the workplace begins from tomorrow.The summer vacation becomes the complete end by today.Because there was a pamphlet to send to the exhibit space of the gift show to start from today, I went out first thing in the morning.As for the pamphlet which I brought, Shimizudani came to a receipt to the exit.It is good that he seems to be cheerful above all.I left a handbill and returned to the office.It was the number of people that the people who looked on the way who came to the exhibition place seemed to reflect current economic conditions, and was terrible.A sample from kawajin arrived when I returned to the office.I expressed it clearly, and the textile which I designed was a very nice.It was emotion as it cried a little.At 1:00 p.m., I did a planned exhibition place layout to exhibit with President Kawase in November and the meeting of the pamphlet, a meeting of the alteration of the textile of Mr. Ikezaki.I was contrastive with the work of Shigaraki that I did not go well how either.I got communication from Kihara on the telephone the other day when moved with my design.Thus I was relieved about Kyusyu of work.The work that I do not go for well keeps it, and I think that everyday accumulation is important for workTherefore, I wanted to advance step by step so that a step did not collapse.The preparations for next exhibition of the Nozomi Watanabe begin and are favorable for November including the request of exchanges and translation with Mr. Roger.Preparations for Kurihara holding it in December are starts from the end of this month.


September 7 /
I was sleepy, and, by the yesterday’s lack of sleep, there was not a way during work today.I made a great effort to upload a document to exhibit in 100%Design Tokyo.Originally my misunderstanding was the mistake that occurred, but there was a preconception when I calculated the number of characters of presentation documents in a number of words in the case of normal English, and the number of characters and the cold sweat when I understood it were serious things.I sharpened a sentence by my dogmatism without going for reason to refer to abroad with the time lag.A thing as for the relations with the Japanese ran through a head and improved it at the very limit of No entrance whether the English could understand where you sharpened.I came out of the sleepiness, but fatigue came out with a rush and came home hurriedly. img_0886.jpgimg_0881.jpg

9月5日/本日午後より、学芸大学にあるバーデンバーデンにS谷君の展示を見に行きました。まだ、開催されておりますのでお時間の許す方は是非お出かけください。なかなか愛情のこもった、出来の良い製品群でありました。上記掲載下の写真がバーデンバーデンです。その後、渋谷に出て恵比寿で稲越功一展を見たかったのですが、急に代官山に降りたくなり下車。まるでお上りさんのように、私が26年前に初めて個展を開催した,ヒルサイドテラスを目指しました。デンマーク大使館を過ぎて車で通過する折に気になっていたカフェでお茶致しました。サンダルだったので断られるかと思ったのですが、杞憂でした。その後、totodoさんで開催されている渡邊加奈子展に伺いました。とても良い 空間になっておりました。渡邊さんの版画は絶対に買いですよ。もうすこし値段を上げても良いのに、というのが感想です。帰宅途中に60〜70年代の熱気あふれる、インテリアショップがあり思わず「このマリオベリーニのキャッシャーどこで仕入れるんですか。」などと物知り気に尋ねると店主は嬉しそう………..。その後、88番のバスにて帰宅。

September 5 /I went to Baden Baden in Gakugeidaigaku to watch an exhibition of Shimizudani from the afternoon of today.Because it is still held, the person with the time please observe it.It was the product line which was full of the love very much of good workmanship.A photograph under the publication mentioned above is Baden Baden.I appear in Shibuya and wanted to watch Koichi Inagoshi exhibition in Ebisu, but I want to go to Daikanyama suddenly and get off afterwards.I totally aimed at the hillside terrace like a countryman.There is the place where I held a private exhibition for the first time 26 years ago,I passed Denmark Embassy and did a tea break in a cafe.There was the cafe which wanted to go when I passed by my car.I thought whether it was declined in in having worn sandals, but it was imaginary fears.I went for Kanako Watanabe exhibition held with totodo afterwards.It became the very good space.The print of Watanabe is absolutely you should buy.It is my impression to have possibilities to raise a price a little more.I found an interior shop filled with the heat of 60-70 generations for the return middle.When ask knowledgeable mind it “where can lay in stock of the cash register of this Mario Bellini” unintentionally; … … … joyful as for the storekeeper.I come home by the 88th bus afterwards. img_0879.jpg



September 4 /We went out in the exhibition opening of Mr. Koichi Sato to Ginza from the evening.Because unexpected people were surprised to be it in a party place, and was participation rather late a little; is a chat in looking askance at cheese and wine with Mr.Kanome and Mr.Katsui.Return was on the way, and we did light supper in Toranomon.
Recent Toranomon becomes the zone where a house is sparse, and the left house becomes the restaurant.I had homemade uncured ham (the thing which it seems to be Kinka ham, and seems to be the Orient) and wine several kinds in others including the dish simmered in mine, mousse of the blue cheese and olive oil of the mushroom.I strolled in Toranomon of the tooth omission state afterwards.Is it the big headquarters of the new religion group Society of Spiritists?I came home via the path of the side, but an umbrella hung on the telephone pole.To see the umbrella, I remembered time when I ran up a slope of Ichigaya Tamachi earnestly once and cornered an umbrella thief.When I caught a thief, it was the good young man style of the good-looking type pro-physical education.”I’m sorry” grazed it, and a thief made an excuse in a voice.And “do what; as for you”, I spoke in breath to bound at least.I got back the umbrella, but think that it was a slope running after drama of around 200m.It is a story of the time when there were my office and a showroom in Ichigaya Tamachi around 14 years ago.The lower photograph is exhibition scenery in the showroom (a luxury exhibition of the carton chair).Oh, yes, there was the flag of the New Year’s greetings postcard which said that it was over in autumn in the summer and it was the end this year when I passed through the alley and came to a central post office of Iigura.
One year passes really early.


9月3日/昨日、七転八倒の結果。長いトンネルを抜けて明るい日向に出るようにデザインを発送致しました。8月中が9月2日になりましたが、便秘状態から脱出致しました。尾籠な話で、申し訳ありません。昨日の興奮覚めやらない今朝の屋上で、下記掲載写真のような 面白いモチーフを見つけました。密集するというのは、何かエネルギーを感じさせます。雑草や獰猛で危険な動物も小さいときは可愛いですね。私は田舎者なので、土は大好きです。住まいが事務所に近いのは大変楽なのですが、誤解もあるようです。アクシスから六本木方面は余程のことがない限り、出かけません。最近は体の具合もあり、飯倉片町交差点を渡ることすら滅多にありません。そんなことでどうすると、弱音を撥ね除けますが最近は意気地がありません。考え込んでいましたら、突然に女房がユーラシア料理と叫んでおります。

September 3 /As a result of yesterday, agony.I sent out a design I passed through the long tunnel, and to go for the bright sun.That it is just the last day in August; was a promise, but have been changed on September 2.However, I escaped from a constipation state.By an indelicate story, I am sorry.Yesterday’s I who was still excited found an interesting motif such as the following publication photograph in the roof this morning.I let you feel energy what it is to crowd.When they are small, they love even the animal which is dangerous with a weed and ferocity. Because I am a countryman, I love that I plow the soil.It is very comfortable that a house is near to the office, but there seems to be the misunderstanding.I do not go to the Roppongi area from an axis as far as there is not an outstanding thing.There is the condition of the body, and it is not silly recently even to cross the Iigura Katamachi crossing.I throw a complaint aside in such a thing how, but there are not guts recently.If I brood over such a thing, my wife cries “How about Eurasia Cooking” suddenly.

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