’11/23/June/決算/The settlement of accounts of this year.

6月23日/ 先日の出張で、見せて頂いた蚕です。上の写真は一番小さいのが小石丸といって、現在も養殖されている日本の家蚕では一番古いものだそうです。下の写真のものは世界で一番細い絹糸になると言われました。繭を4個使用してよる糸を4粒と呼ぶのですが、その細さが世界一のようです。家蚕の蚕は動物や昆虫の世界で唯一野生に戻れないとのこと。これらの糸を使用して織物が出来ます。かなりのバリエーションでした。幾つかを選び出し叩き台にして、これから開発に入ります。良いものは多いのですが、時間がありません。今回は現在の製品のカラーリングで精一杯だと思います。秋以降にFudeya purchase siteにて販売致します。徐々にオリジナルに近づけて参りますので、乞うご期待下さい。それにしても、暑くなりました。皆様、如何お過ごしでしょうか。このところ意外な話がありまして、私の回りの放射線量の測定値が高いのです。政府見解のように、差し当たって健康への被害はないと思われますが、確証があるものではありません。一時期、週刊誌などで騒がれた東電幹部の話も何故か沙汰止みです。不思議です。多分、広告宣伝費という化け物が暗躍しているように感じます。こんなことを書くと、我が家だけ停電になるかもしれません。家の前庭と湯河原の道路側の土地には、電柱が立っており定期的にお支払いがあります。東電には土地を貸しております。二カ所も。明日は一杯仕事をしたいと思います。
June 23 /At the time of business trip of the other day, it is the silkworm which had a factory owner show it.To be a Japanese indoor silkworm farm seems to be the oldest thing which the smallest cocoon of the right side of the upper photograph is called koishimaru, and is cultivated now.To be a Japanese indoor silkworm farm seems to be the oldest thing.The cocoon of the lower photograph seems to become the thinnest silk thread in the world.It seems to call the thread which it uses four cocoons, and gets together four drops, but the thinness seems to be the number one in the world.The silkworm of the indoor silkworm farm seems not to be able to return to the only wild animal in the world of an animal and the insect.A textile is done with these threads.It was a considerable variation.It picks some of the inside and makes it an original plan and goes into the development from now on.There are many good textiles, but there is not time.
I think that it is the limit by the coloring of the current product this time.We sell the new products in Fudeya purchase site from this autumn.Because it brings those products close to an original slowly, please expect it.
Even so, it became the hot week.How will it spend, everyone?There is an unexpected talk recently, and the measurements of the radiation dose around me are high.It seems that there is not the damage to health for the present, but, like government opinion, conclusive evidence is not a certain thing.As for the story of Tokyo Electric executive officer excited about by weeklies at one time, information does not arrive for some reason.It is mysterious.Probably I think that a monster called the advertisement advertising cost acts secretly.Only in my home, it may be cut off when I write such a thing.An electric light pole stands on the front yard of my house and my land of the road side in Yugawara, and there is payment regularly.I lend the land to Tokyo Electric.
In two places.I want to do my work as a designer tomorrow.

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