’11/25/June/奇麗な朝焼けは不気味/The sweet morning glow is sort of ominousness.

June 25 /Generally I felt similar thing about the style of painting of comics and recent car styling design, but only a little understood that it was individual to me.It cannot still deny that the type of the market and the production are worse as originality.The approximate designer is the front bearer.In design education, I still think what I shall do for my students to be able to be brought up without catching them in a worn-out pattern.The first good plan is to do nothing.However, then it cannot persuade you into parents of the world.It packs with knowledge, a skill as much as possible naturally and then they are able to choose a favorite thing from that.It is a thing quite courteous.The reason why I think pessimistically in this way may be I understood that the radiation dose is accounted high level unexpectedly around my workplace where air conditioners do not work.The radiation dose of the school building is carried courteously by internet.I want an appropriate person confirms it and to explain it for us if I believe this information.The story of types in the market are worthless.Cannot we give young people healthy life not to mention the story of the dream?

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