February 16 /Be busy with the work of the workplace recently, it was until today and went over the mountain of the business.By the way, it is this morning.My brain was clear strangely.In fact, it is the attitude to the tradition style that is this pending problem of 2 years.There was consultation to want to change technique the other day because it increased cost with the traditional technique to make use of my design.Because I was busy, I understood it.However, in commuting cars on the way this morning, I flashed incidentally.It does not change the technique that is the characteristic of the style so that it increases cost, it was to say that you should have changed the design which increased cost.I contacted my client immediately and offered rectification.Just, I was able to change a design of it somehow.It is complicated even if it says a design unconditionally.It is the reason that must not exclude a source essentially what it is to be demanded.It is quite an event such as the accident, but this design is as much as that feeling of strain after a long absence.

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