February 13 /The setting sun in the workplace is the best.It is the number one in the world.It is the reason that I woukd like to show Mr. Yui this setting sun sometime.Mr. Yui is Mr. Masayuki Yui.Obvious, he is a setting sun commentator.By the way, Mt. Fuji is wonderful when I look at that for the way to workplace.I want to put it in the photograph, but it is impossible during driving.Tanzawa is covered in white snow and is worth seeing now.Please go out once to the Chuo Highway Hachioji interchange if available.Surely you are moved.It will be Valentine’s Day tomorrow.The customs seem to be different, but it seems to be a day to give a something for anyone all over the world.Is a red rose, and is chocolate; from a man to a woman, in addition, when male from a woman; seem to be various.Because I will be busy tomorrow from an early morning, I talk about anything so far today.Be that as it may, the life of the person is a too short to know it.It was in the end of such a shocking day as for me.

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’08 26 August
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