’11/11/July 草刈りの楽しみ/Pleasure of the mowing.

July 11 /It was too good weather, and mowing did not progress yesterday.Anyway, because it was the work that seemed to become the heat stroke, it took the break for a long time and it did the reinforcement of the water enough and performed it.Probably I think that it is the time only once in this year.Will the next time be the end of March of the next year?It will be that the hut is built at that time.An artubus was a good harvest this year, however, I cut a vine by my mistake and make jam with an artubus and a grape.It is sour.It is sour even if it considerably puts sugar.The red color of the artubus had a feeling of transparence, and it seemed to be a jewel.We shared together and harvested it and we ate at a delicious restaurant of the shellfish stew and returned to Tokyo.It will expand a guard room next year.If it can be brought up in the real farm and can acquire the license which jam and liqueur can produce, it is a pleasure from now on, but.First of all,I must do something about garbage of the mowing.It is real as for me.

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