’10 31 October

October 31 /It is the last day today in October.It is in two months more this year.The time that is a fast thing passing.The wall and the remodeling of the ceiling part were finished.It spreads a carpet in the floor afterward.The distance with the wall shortened than before, but thinks that it may secure the area of the exhibition wall.The D.M. of the next show arrives on 3rd, too.It feels a thing such as some uneasiness to be, but is bent on having an atmosphere of the ex-space if possible.The obstacle materials just use the thing which it used in ex-space.I did the story of the gallery in it at the end and found the Chinese restaurant which gave us delicious cooking today one again.It was a shop around the house or a box lunch just until recently, but some appetizing shop is found now.Breadth seems to have widened for life.In such a thing, I do not write a letter really for a while.Only by a snapshot publication, it will be absent from the talk for a while from now on.

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