’10 20 September




September 20 /I went to my office yesterday, but I was lacking in concentration.I thought that I want to come home while there is the sun.I had a way to home hurriedly.On foot, I went back with my wife slowly.We were return by the way of the Midtown direction,I came across a couple of graduate with a flop when I came until in front of design site 21 _ 21.The spectators of the exhibition lined up, and they seem to have given it up because waiting time was long.They said that they still had free time, we went in bear garden of the Midtown.One of them seems to have become independent recently from design studio and looked cheerful.They said that there was still free time, we took the supper at a buckwheat noodle shop, after that we went out in the reception of the other graduate of the whole private exhibition holding nearby.She does installation since graduate school completion throughout.I thought that it was very big work this time.Continuation will make an authority.Surely she will succeed.I became for a change.Still, the case of the Senkaku Islands offing becomes complicated.The sign that even the project of the workplace causes a delay in is heavy.I think that it is a common story that such an accidental incident becomes serious in history.If I follow my short history, a slight opportunity got a job and lost it.It is difficult for us to distinguish what is necessity, and what is accidental.I think the repeated accidental nature to be an essential thing.

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