’10 18 September

September 18 /It is the night view from my office.Before around one month, it said that the visitor from the foreign countries seemed to be the view of Spain.It was to watch the Syuwa condominium which it stood in front of my office, and was occupied.
The obstacle of the publication photograph mentioned above is the characteristic.It is an apartment in various places.There are several in the neighborhood of Minato-ku in particular, too.Probably would around 40 years ago be a gorgeous highest grade apartment?Time passes, and it has the appearance of the epoch, but it will be relations of the management, or, as for the maintenance state, a difference looks a certain now.

The publication photograph mentioned above is not a Chinese street corner.This shop is good.It is open from an early morning to the middle of the night in time.It sometimes goes to a meal.
The publication photograph mentioned above is an attendance photograph of today.I wear a coat, and it is an appearance covered with Borsalino.It is a big lie, I put up a polo neckband, and I wore a straw hat and short pants.A shade became long.In this too hot summer, it leaves various scars and seems to leave.This fucking hot summer passes.It is really vulgar and is ashamed.It was the heat that it wanted to call a stupid.It is mean once again.

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