’10 22 November

November 22 /It was valley of consecutive holidays, somehow lukewarm one day.It rains recently.In preparation for the tomorrow’s mowing, I must load charge and fuel from now on.My wife cried suddenly when I wrote it to here.When I looked, the battery of the note PC has swelled out like the photograph mentioned above.In fact, when, several weeks ago, my wife confirms in the store because it swelled out a little, a salesclerk said it did not explode, and then he said to my wife that it was all right.It is condition of the photograph mentioned above.She is confirming the safety again on the telephone now.The charged gratuitousness of the repair seems to be negotiations in a shop.The thing of the property to bulge when it touches the air seems to enter, but it is too terrible as aged deterioration.There was considerably a note of the dissatisfaction about it when my wife checked it in a internet.The quality control system is necessary for mass production, if it is still generated at considerable frequency, the security will not be natural, it may be said that such a precision instrument works by a miracle.

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