’10 21 November

November 21 /There was information from son of the O dyer center some time ago, and Mr. M O which was taken care of very much in a workplace died.It aimed at the publication of the textbook during the lifetime, but did not come true from the difference of the way of thinking.Because I thought about toeing the mark again, it is very sorry.My young friend died just the other day.I am made to think about myself whenever it happens to meet such a scene.The life without what it left undone is the best as possible, but it is where to practice thought at all whether there is next whether you are satisfied when even a no matter how small aim is achieved.I confirmed past diary and found that I made a mistake in the name of the cake this morning.It is not a madore, madeleine is a correct answer.I must not make a mistake in such a keyword.As far as it is a simple sentence confirmation error, but I’m ashamed.Probably the shameful regret thinks that it will not be thought in this way right before you die.I wish that I wanted you to wait till I become senile at least.I gathered up congratulations of the marriage of the student, the celebration of the engagement, congratulations of the exhibition holding, the congratulations of the graduate school entrance to school last night.It was really pleasant supper.It did not stop laughing, and it was the night when English, German, Portuguese, Japanese flew, and it was really happy.A mobile telephone is running out of a battery if it gets up in the morning,In addition remember that I put a charge adapter in the office, when I came out of the office in the early afternoon, Roppongi town was the merrymaking.I ate lunch in Roppongi Mid Town, and it was the above-mentioned information when I thought whether I worked a little and would return.
Joining hands in prayer.

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