’10 20 November

November 20 /The function of the gallery space started again, but the renewal of the website is late.It is shortest, and will it be completion in around one week more?Young designers support will suppose to be a re-start for the next fiscal year, too.There were various accidents, but is returning to an original pace little by little.It raises some key words after the next fiscal year and does it with a new aim.I will let it move quickly in future because in my having made considerable preparations so far.Still, there is the thing that being depressed is terrible of the big show of the industry.I cannot point this out by what to do because of a difficult problem.I remember that it was said whether you can entrust young people with the future when I met Ms. Vokko.However, I did not make my life in the good past.Daily life is a fight for an individual.Personal creation has a market when asked what is the good future and thinks that it is to bring up the spirituality which is rich as an artist and a designer.Therefore it is reason to think whether the presentation that this society which should say the market seems to understand is necessary.Of course, molding characteristics, functionality, times disposition and sociability are connected with each other complicatedly, however, the thing which is received by the society looks simple.Well.The thing which anyone seems to come up when you  look at it, in fact, it is often that it is not a so simple background.The theme that I aim at the thing which everybody thinks to “be able to do it to me like this”.Will it be that I make it?

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