’12/2/Mar./もう直き春。Long-awaited spring will come soon.

March 2 /The thing which boiled raw meat sausage called SISKONMAKKARA with soup with the pip limit of vegetables is the photograph mentioned above.I heard that it was North Europe cooking.It is said to be Swedish cooking by another view.When it compares it with Japanese cooking, it is between the cake of pounded fish with the tsumire.Meat is the cooking that must be fresh, and I want to make this sausage soon.By the way, this is an earthenware pot reproduced by ARABIA recently.I feel that heat is gentle, and an earthenware pot seems to turn around better than the metal pan.I heard that this pan was stopped producing in one time and was troubled in the case of a little bit many people.This cooking is very refined taste.It is sold this sausage in Helsinki on every Thursday.It was my pleasing Helsinki stay to make this cooking.The everyday underwear washing was troublesome for me, but :-).
この写真はAlvar Aaltoの事務所風景です。最近、憧れている景色です。本名はフーゴ・ヘンリク・アールト(Hugo Henrik Aalto)と言いますが、建築家協会の名簿の一番目に来るように改名したと言います。こういう話を聞くと、凡人との違いを思い知らされます。もっとも、ねらった訳ではありませんがANOTHER FUNCTIONは、お陰さまでTABのウェブサイトでは六本木、赤坂地区の上位に掲載されています。
This photograph is office scenery of Alvar Aalto.It is the scenery which I dream of recently.His true name is Hugo Henrik Aalto, but says that it changed his name to come for the first of the list of association of architect.When I hear such a story, it is realized a difference with the ordinary man.It did not aim, but, thank you, as for ANOTHER FUNCTION, it is carried the begining rank of the gallery at Akasaka and Roppongi in fact on TAB.
Such a thing is good, too.This is the photograph which it got.

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