’12/5/Mar./何かあったんですね。What happened Princess Cinderella just like you?

March 5 /On Sunday of the vigil,a scene of this significant view which it stood in front of me who is just hurried on the way to home from studio at Roppongi.Seven minutes before come buck my house across the signal after this.I spent all its time delusion in various ways.Anyway, an image springs out from next from next because it is vigil.Surely she would get drunk.It is surely so.Surely.Mmm.I do not know ojisan (man) like you, oh no the delusion of the ojiisan (old man) just like me never stop.As for 10 years old, age rises only by one i (sounds like i:) increasing.For the new face of the first half year senior citizen,I don’t know what I think that I have to feel sorry or she may be happy?Or did it change old shoes simply?Did somebody put it there?Still, this high-heeled shoe is stained comfortably,isn’t it?There is the photograph which anyone easy to get an image .Even if it is be Elliott Erwitt to a wittier photograph.The interest does not run out.Mr. Wataru Yamamoto exhibition was finished safely yesterday.All of arrival, really thank you.Because he has many creative drawers, I think that he will have very pleasing talent from now on.I really hope that he will have a ha ha ha ha happy future.Good luck!!!!!

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