’11/2/February/ほっと一息/Breath of small relief


February 2 /It is the time that is a breath relievedly.The workplace  has one more climax from now on.For several days when then is valuable, it will go for a lecture the day after tomorrow.I am preparing that now.After a lecture, I am consulted about several companies.It is the usual preparation, but is very important.There is a problem called the circulation after the production so that a thing flows through the market.It is a fact the designer pro-production must be familiar with both, but I am ignorant about it.I think that I want to do it for a persuasive conference.It is complicated when you regard the circulation as a thing / money / information flow to sell an article to consumers.It seems to have referred to spreading the sacred book and teaching in Buddhism called “the style reduction to a common denominator” formerly.It is not strange essentially, but thinks that the making of thing which knew the circulation well enables the acquisition of a new market even if it changes in the times.When familiar people gather for with a designer and a producer and the circulation, it is good and should go systematically, but it is not so sweet actually.It may be necessary to think globally as well as the inside of the country.It does not need to say now, but it overlooks the whole in such a meaning, and a talented person that can gather up useful people will be necessary.But there is the part to watch out, and it is complicated that the circulation takes the initiative.It can see that communication is important.Actually, even as for the item which I dealt with, continuation and the solicitation effect of the project rise the understanding of the person of merchandising.If the other side is made with the organization which does not have its own way, it is deeply impressed utterly when each other’s talks are necessary.It may be the thing that is necessary for any kind of thing.

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