’11/24/January/プラント・ハンター/Plant Hunter

January 24 /I wrote Fitzcarraldo in a diary a few days ago.I did the talk that cultivation of the rubber monopolized global market on this occasion.Because the gold mine becomes the next to nothing, it makes fear and comes over, and the thing called the plant does it.Therefore it is the story of the plant hunter.Not to mention Great Navigation Age, this plant hunter is active as I talked about even the present age.The action does not know a place to remain in particularly recently without asking it both the sea and the mountain in search of a special microbe from the North Pole to the South Pole.There was the program which natural molecules called SACRAN could adopt from plant paste gathered in noble lineage called the Aphanothece sacrum the other day when I watched TV program.And it has the longest length in the molecules that it exists naturally, and application is expected as an absorbing water macromolecule.A Japanese university laboratory studies it and one end of the study was introduced, but seems to become indispensable to the recycling use of the rare metal.It is action using a certain ionization tendency, but the horror of the power of absorption is wonderful.When the knowledge of my brain stick to it so that a positive ion acts with an anion, it is good for comfort.

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