’09 29 November


November 23 /Today, work export of Roger Ackling.There is communication from an old friend of Roger and seems to want to have a look at his works once again in the afternoon.Because it did not finish packing, the person who is Roger’s friend sees those works.We drank tea afterwards while talking a little.Though I am sad, a story full of the friendship with his lost childhood friend is climax.


November 24 /I devote myself to work after a long absence.


November 25 /In a workplace, I attend at a meeting.


November 26 /A business trip Chinese from today to December 1 by the work of the workplace.If it was difficult to make Haneda Airport a hub, I realized it.The certain airline has a  sign full of difficulties in the future.I have a meeting at a Chinese university from the evening.


November 27 /We prepared for a certain session for the purpose of visit today.There was the obstacle, but comes through it with experience value.


November 28 /It is the first day session on Saturday.The safety end.

11月29日 /日曜日にも係らず、セッション最終日。全く問題なく終了。

November 29 /Is not concerned on Sunday either; the session last day.
It is finished without a problem really.

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