’10 26 September

September 26 /Morning and evening are quite cool; nowadays.The upload photograph mentioned above is my action record of today.In the early morning of the holiday, the drunkard of the previous night cries in a street in Roppongi.It may not be a Japanese.They do that in front of ROA building or the front of the shop name is Don Quixote.It is a noodle shop called “tsurutontan” to open in morning unexpectedly until evening.Because opening hours are so long though they are delicious, will profit be considerably finished?I went to my office and went out the noon in the shop of Chinese restaurant called Son nearby.We did a neighborhood search afterwards.A festival began in the neighborhood and was surprised at the shout of the omikoshi, and I did not know that there was such a festival, and it was the one that I was amazed to learn.We found the shop of interesting hides product in the half basement afterwards when we walked through in front of The New National Gallery.We entered the shop, and it was a story of the master to have been surprised more.The photograph of youth taken for an obstacle is totally cowboy itself of the rodeo.It seems to have made it by himself without getting a surfing board when he began the surfing, and it was put in the shop.It did not run out of a story including an episode when he came across Yuzo Kayama and the story of movie clothes for Ken Takakura.Topics of conversation seem to gather in various ways if it walks.Because there were a hat and the boots which I liked, I want to purchase them if I could get the big money of Jumbo public lottery at the end of the year.The work from the afternoon was finished smoothly.However, it rained.

It is the private exhibition that I held in the end of May.I think that the people who looked at it seem to understand, if there was not this space, I did not hold it.I needed installation space such as the urban darkness like this under stairs.I was said from young artist “you are the person like young artists”.I receive it openly. I ask her,”please accept a friend of everybody like you”,after that she answer, “OK”.I wonder if it was good to do it.This private exhibition is the thing which you cannot make a sense bodily if you do not come to look it.The photograph was sake of the records purely, but had you catch this difficult situation well.Because these photographs were completed last week, it shows the part.It wishes that I want to let both expression and design form now on.There is the surface design of the thing in the part slightly different from a function and rationality.Speaking frankly, the world is not troubled even if the design given priority to such a sensitivity disappears.It is uncertain work.Light and darkness, the bodily sensation type exhibition of the theme are coherent themes since 1991.The installation-like exhibition came to nikotama Takashimaya department store, at the gallery gallery in Kyoto, Asahi Super Dry Hall, the Spiral gerden, the former wine cellar of Oofunato and the gallery where it might be said with the minimum of Tokyo since 1983.It wants to gather it up once by this time.I was taken indication from  Mr. Motoe ” it takes too much time”.

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