’10 25 October

October 25 /Without the yesterday’s tiredness, it makes work go on smoothly today.The construction of the new office becomes available from tomorrow.We decided the color of the floor.It seems to take the construction during this week.We begin to finally move for a re-challenge.We want to go carefully unusually from now on as much as there were many things losing it.From morning, I will go to the hotel of Ginza tomorrow to meet the visitor of the workplace.I think that the hoteldom is hard now, when it does an inquiry whether it is left a car at the carriage porch,their answer was to use it because there was a parking lot near.I was surprised a little whether it was a reason that it was the downtown area.When it does the inquiry of the name in the alphabet, with P of Public or T of Toy, it is troublesome.As for the employee of the tourist bureau which I worked as part-time at the time when there was me in N.Y.,their mouths boiled it already when I reconsidered it.I think that a visitor from the foreign countries is serious because it is appreciation of the yen currently.We had better appear abroad more.I do not have a lot of the yen in fact.

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