January 18 /I took the moon last night one piece from my living room.When late-night, the living room of my home is lighted up with moonlight.I wanted to put the situation in the photograph, but the round moon such as the eyes of the needle came out.Speaking of “The Eye of the Needle”, it is Donald Sutherland.It is an actor of Hollywood with much part of German officer of those blue eyes.This movie purchased the paperback book very interestingly and read.Kate Nelligan gives a good performance with a healthy young wife part.She was very sexy as a wife of the war disabled.Absoluteness, the novelist are Ken Follett.As well as this “Triple”, “The Key to Rebecca”, ” Lie Down with Lions”, and read “The Man from St. Petersburg”, but an appearing woman being beautiful (is imagination to the last).I read in the original book in alone entirely.It does not readily keep understanding a word first.A miracle happened in a few weeks.Though I do not understand English, a picture flows in my blain without permission.I feel reading when I notice.Thereafter I continue to pretend to be the English book reads.

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