「Jussi Aalto」展 2012/08/20~09/15 “Jussi Aalto” Exhibition(close on Sunday).




Having talked about many years of his career since 60s including wide-ranging fields he addressed such as fashion, advertisement and portrait, Jussi Aalto, Finnish photographer, finally stated “Straight photography is my way.”

Photography should be straight. Never feel inferior to paintings. Keep yourselves away from moving pictures or other effect techniques. Strictly pursue rigid styles. Face the world in solitude. Complete purification is the only way to reach the expression one wishes. That’s what straight photography is.

We are like an ugly chunk of greed, being distracted and obsessed with things that will never satisfy us. Leave it all there. We can start over again. It is not easy. But if we will turn our eyes straight to the truth, we can receive a message from Jussi Aalto and his decision statement where he promises himself to try the greatest challenge as a photographer.

Text/Shuhei Takahashi



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’09 24 August.
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