’10 7 October

October 7 /I intend to live to like it.I do only a favorite thing and want to live.The younger student of the fine art club under one grade where I got to know at 17 years old died.A university was the same university, too, and it was a classmate for some reason.The cramming school is the same, and there can be the thing that he became the first place whole country by a national trial run for an examination in the department of national language.When I thought that it was a shame that it made him a designer, he started the editor and he was free as a reporter of the F1 in the last and became popular.He was famous as an author of the books, and it was a collection of haiku, the book of ceramics and a car-related book as well as car relations.I want to pray its soul may rest in peace.It does not need to say the vanity of the human life.However, I thought that I am considerably depressed that an imminent person dies, but I devote myself to work for the present.I become sentimental, and will the reason be because it is scary that influence is reflected on my work?When it was relieved sometime soon, it may come with a rush.His being splendid that he is to have brought up a daughter, a son properly while he does favorite work.His wife is great, too.There are life various encounters.I think that surely there were his effort and patience so that our friendly relationship continued like this.It is good to have continued for a long time each other; think that it-affiliated.It was informed of it after he died, but it seems to have been a thing sudden as much as that.Thus it is reason to become my opening remark.I am irreligion, but join my hands to pray.

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