「Roger Ackling」展 2009/11/9-11/23



The Statement of Mr.Roger
For nearly 40 years I have made my work using the same method. By over-exposing direct sunlight through a small hand-held lens, images of the sun are burnt onto discarded wood.I work outside on the ground and under the sky. In these solitary, still moments with the wood on my lap, the outer visual world no longer occupies my mind.Thoughts are reduced to a minimum and what occurs is a quality of engagement to an inner indefinable realm of the human spirit.I know that what is made from this simple, concentrated ritual is held within the work itself.This presence can be re-absorbed through the senses and the eye. A silent non-negotiable realm of human experience; a vibration of the soul’s life.Like many others for thousands of years, I believe that insight can be seen and rekindled through a pragmatic dialogue with material.
Roger Ackling, summer 2009



ロジャー・アックリング 2009年 晩夏

株式会社筆屋コーポレーション 。gallery "Another Function" を運営しています。

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  • 11月 24, 2009

    Carol + Trevor

    Keep the fire burning Roger. Your statement is both beautiful and simple, like your work.