’10 14 July

July 14 /Finally,a first-term class (a department, a graduate school) that I am in charge of in a workplace is finished.Until just 12 years ago, it was not able to think that I had the class of the graduate student.It is this spring.I met the director of the association in order to investigate the circumstances of the textile printing industry of Yokohama.The catch phrase of a coffee shop appointed by him was “a graduate school of the coffee” on this occasion.I who had uneasiness for the class administration from this spring felt relieved a little.The human being has a stiff shoulder, and the very good idea does not appear.With the arrival of late spring, it was able to be relaxed.The shop had good taste of the coffee by the interior that seemed to be authoritative.This coverage was March, but is going to carry it in the Web site of GALA which will start soon.There is the accident that is various bursts, and editing is late.It thinks that I am sorry.

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