September 5 /Well, from this week, the latter period of the workplace finally starts.Even if you say a vacation,there is correspondence of the work that piled up in my office,the meeting and the inspection of the local support business,and there are the conferences of the workplace in summer holidays,I was not free at all.The abnormal weather increases and is slightly getting completely exhausted in the summer this year,however if I had opportunity, I would like to go to the Nodaiwa to have a little bit in delicious wine and eel.Anyway, it was embarrassed by this heat.I ate lunch with Mr. Motoe the other day at a buckwheat noodle shop of Azabujuban.Because Mr. Motoe is the authority of soba, I was worried about it,but he looked fairly not so bad.I said good-bye to Mr. Motoe who goes for an exhibition of Mrs. Sakamoto at Azabujuban station.It is that my work is slow recently to think utterly(a person waiting on is?).I have to hurry it up.Concerning … …, it is the end somehow in the summer.In autumn a typhoon,please be careful about the typhoon 9th.I think that a typhoon gets the name of the woman abroad.However, name of the man and woman alternation seems to be on concerning gender discrimination from 1979.

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