’10 11 December

December 11 /I took a convertible today and tried to do my best.The direction of Mt. Fuji was clouded slightly.I may run a fever a little.I should think about an anti-protection against the cold measure a little more.I suppose to wear a coat of the winter if it becomes a little colder.A lower part of the body does not get cold.It was the import of the group exhibition to run in a gallery nearby yesterday.The knowing person please go out by all means.The photograph mentioned above is the stain of the chair and the desk which the students of the workplace use.It is beautiful.It is a thing such as the dirt of the classroom which various students came to use because of reasons for a workplace recently.The thing of such unintentional beauty is the world that it wants to call even accidental art.Though it is unintentional, it feels will.I think that there is the world for a stain and the dirt which are not expression.By the way, I have a lot of things what I must settle by the end of this year.I will be up early on the morning of tomorrow and want to finally drop the dirt of this year.In a song of Hitoshi Komuro,There is the text written “Only a human being moves without a breathing and drops an important thing scatteredly in exchange for business”.This preceding paragraph is written “Says that the teacher runs,” However, not only it drops the thing that the business of the December is important for anything, I feel preparations for some human reset.When New Year holidays open out at new age, and congratulations, it calls out to each other, it drops dirt to live in new one year for the mind why oneself became evidently brand-new.When it is said to be “New Year’s pine and bamboo decorations are the milestones of the journey to the shades, and it is happy, and is not happy” ,I think that dropped dirt of conventional one year feels like being comfortable afterwards.As for it is the first important thing to keep neat, and deeply attaching moderately.How would you like your stain dirt such as the photograph mentioned above?They will not have the deep attachment at least.

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