January 16 /In fact, a fire was in New Year holidays in a neighborhood of my office.It seems to have been the fire from the house where an old couple lived.I watched TV news in my house, and it was surprised at excessive closeness for an instant, but, fortunately, the building there is my office was safe.A cold day continues recently, but attention is necessary for fire.The house where it crowded is not other people’s affairs.I talked with Mr. Hongo last week.I think that an artist having Mr. Motoe introduce it soon is carried by the main page.It is going to exhibit a Chinese artist in a meaning of the interchange in this year.I want to continue this interchange for a long time in future.We want to associate with the neighbor peacefully persistently.I think that I want to carry out the holding in around April now.It was every day that it did not do of the substitute brilliancy, but a codfish in season seems to have reached in this cold week now.At such time, I want to call somebody, but I cannot readily call my friends in this cold and on Sunday that you have to prepare for a blue Monday.I am disappointed.It makes the fresh cod a simple pan by a leek and tofu in salting lightly and it is juice pressed from a bitter orange or it is thin and dissolves miso and may be delicious if you can eat it with them.Sweet sake and salt or miso, sake lees are soaked, and the remaining fish does it and if you bake it and does it to lunch, it is unbearable and delicious.It is dericious fish of the winter in the country side.So that the country is good, too, but a foreign student of Portugal said that it seems to cook after you soack a dried codfish in water in his hometown.It seems to be a noted product.I want to eat by all means.

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