’11/27/Nov./時間の感覚/How to spend long night.

As you know, in the winter of the northern country, night is long.If I try to explain how much long, morning begins around 8:45 a.m. , and it may be said that it is almost dark at past 3:30 p.m.It is not serious when you hear it, but the cold is really combined, and it is a complicated thing.I heard how the people of this country spent time of such winter season.You may gather home party or a meal; as for the play or the concert, the young people seem to go out to a club or a bar.Of course there is a skating rink, it is performed under a light flourishingly, for example ice hockey and the skating even if  become dark.Even if I am in Tokyo, I do not go out very much, therefore I watch T.V. wholly and work.There is time I have to do much a communication matter for Tokyo satelite and the next travel plans, other work. It makes me  not bored. However, sometimes I lose here slightly.The photograph is a sunset, but I am sorry that it cannot convey the color of this sunset.As for the TV program of this country, original broadcast is a principle by closed-captioned broadcasting.Leave out the special thing including the child service animated cartoon in fact.
Will it be American chat show called CONAN and film theater that I am interesting now?Broadcast to dub is often found, and all the Europe was bored unexpectedly, but this country is different.I stop trip to training in these days and go to Aarto university every day.This is because I do not want to lose a sense of the time.When I fail in this, I am afraid of  I may be depressed probably.I go to striped mullets with the meiny of Aarto University to participate in conference from tomorrow.

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