’09 20 December



December 19 /I met my old friend and went to the gallery in Ginza the other day.We ate supper together and came home afterwards.I saw some signboard which did it toward the wintry sky in Ginza, but it was the signboard which really felt cold.The reasonable shops seem to have increased a price in Ginza.



December 20 /Kurihara Ntsuko Exhibition was finished today.Thank you for arrival while you’re busy.In the evening, several graduates of the workplace gathered.It seemed to be hard to be in bad times, but everybody was looked like in good.I purchased delicious meat even though a high price by the gift certificate which the credit company gave to me and ate sukiyaki.The all of them were satisfied very much and went back home.They said “The best wishes for you to be good one year next year”, and I was surprised.The person born early seems to already become 30 years old.As for the passing time, it is totally cruel.If I thought that I were still young, it might be only me.

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