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2月2日/昨夜来の雪が少しだけ残っている。明日は節分というのに、全く困ったものだ。我が家の梅もビックリだ。梅は花が咲いてから雪が降ると実をつけないと言う。桃ノ木もあるが、桃もビックリである。本日は寒かった。明日は少し遠くに仕事に出掛ける。雪のないことを祈りたいと思う。今朝の空は奇麗だった。そろそろprint&paintとgalaとfudeya purchase の各サイトが完成に近づいる。今月中旬には、公開予定だ。公開なりましたならば、お楽しみ頂きたい。あまり俗な話もなんだが、モンゴル人の横綱はやはり外国人だと思う。彼が日本人であれば、もう解雇だと思う。国技である相撲の横綱が、一般人に乱暴して怪我をさせる。しかも、以前に謹慎処分を言い渡された経験があり、その際は母国に帰国してしまった。これでは、野球の助っ人外国人選手と同じ、野球は国技ではないからそれでも良いとして、相撲や横綱の何たるかを理解していないと思うのだ。特に土俵上で負けたときの態度は神に奉納する荒ぶる祭事とは全く違うものを感じてしまう。相撲が終わったら、憑依した神を送り出し、人間に戻って礼を尽くして頂きたい。美学というものが、全く欠如していると思わざるを得ない。

February 2 /Only some snow of the last night stay since night-time.It is really troubled though tomorrow will be traditional end of winter.The plum in my home is astonishment, too.It says that the plum cannot assail a fruit when it snows after a flower bloomed.There is the peach, but the peach is astonishment, too.It was cold today.I will go for work slightly in the distance tomorrow.It wants to pray for a thing without the snow.The sky this morning was clean.Each site of print&paint and gala and fudeya purchase gets closer to completion soon.It is going to show it in the middle of this month.Please enjoy it if it became publicly.I do not think the too common story is a good idea, but think that after all a Yokozuna of Mongolia is a just foreigner.If he is a Japanese, it already thinks that he is discharge.A yokozuna of the sumo that is the national sport roughs up a commoner and hurts you.He has the experience that it was ever announced confinement to the house disposal by association of sumo, besides.He has gone back to the mother country on this occasion.
It is the same as foreign helper of the baseball in this.Because baseball is not the national sport, it is assumed that it is still good and thinks that it does not understand the essence of sumo and the yokozuna.In particular when he lost on a sumo ring, his manner is not good.I feel a thing totally different from the satanophany of the termagent to dedicate to God.If sumo is over, the sumo wrestler sends God who did satanophany out from own and want you come back to make etiquette for a human being.I cannot but think that he lacks aesthetics really.

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